Daniel Fusco BIO

Daniel Fusco Biography

Daniel Fusco Bio

  • Graduate of Perkins Institute of Piano Technology 1979
  • Founder of Grand Workshoppe Piano Co.
  • Composer of solo piano compositions
  • Master Piano Technician and Rebuilder
  • Husband, Father, and Grandfather

Daniel Fusco’s career in the piano industry spans four decades with experience in service, retail, manufacturing, international marketing, and business design and development.

Daniel Fusco lives on a rural property in Oneida county New York with his wife and their son. The property was purchased in 1986 with money hard earned tuning and rebuilding pianos. It is now home to the family, a hobby barn full of animals, beef cattle, hay fields, organic gardens, and a world class piano rebuilding facility.

Mr. Fusco is a graduate of Perkins Institute of Piano Technology with certifications in piano tuning and repair, and advanced rebuilding. Further education includes studying piano building practices of some of the world’s finest builders including Mason & Hamlin, Wm. Knabe, and Chickering, formerly of East Rochester NY, Steinway & Sons in both New York and Hamburg, Germany, Renner Action Parts in Germany, North Hudson Woodcraft in Dolgeville, NY and numerous other component manufacturers around the world. This extensive training and nearly 4 decades of experiences has allowed for the highest level of piano services.

Other interest:

  • Teaching and Practicing Tae Kwon Do
  • Personal Fitness Training
  • Music Composition
  • Food, Fitness, and Nutrition
  • Traveling

Other Credits:

  • Founder of Three Rivers Music Products Marketing and Manufacturing
  • Designer Of Multiple Music AccessoryProducts
  • American Council on Excercise Certified Personal Trainer – specialist in orthopedic exercise, sports and fitness nutrition
  • Kukkiwon Certified Master of Tae Kwon Do
  • Founder of Tae Kwon Do and Fitness Arts