Piano Tuning Services

Piano tuning is one aspect of piano technology which requires extensive training and Piano Tuningyears of experience to master. It is a field which does not require licensure to practice professionally, therefore, many who simply have a love for music enter into the profession without adequate training. This is more a romantic notion than a professional attempt to learn a skill. There are computerized tuning devices, even tuning apps, which should never be substituted for proper training in the art. These devices will benefit the older veteran tuner once high frequency hearing begins to fade, and can also be used to decrease tuning time. In all cases they take a second chair to aural tuning techniques. Having a good ear for music does not give one a good ear for tuning. Tuning is a science and needs to be approached as such.

Frequent tuning insures stability and allows the instrument to be fined tune. In most cases pianos should be tune twice each year. I cases of the instrument sitting idle annual tuning will help maintain stability and safeguard the instrument form harm.

It is always advisable to tune to standard pitch. If a neglected piano is found to be ┬╝ tone (50cents) below standard pitch, or the same above pitch, than a pitch adjustment may be necessary requiring multiple tunings. In some cases an instrument will be tuned slightly above or below standard pitch A440, either by request or for other reasons. This, however, will generally be within 5 cents.

Grand Workshoppe offers the following tuning services:

  • Aural Tuning
  • Equal Temperament at Standard Pitch (A440)
  • Variable Pitching (A438, A442, A443, A 445, etc.) to meet your needs
  • Pitch Raising at no additional cost
  • Performance and Recording Tuning

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