Sound and Movement

I want to share something pertaining to both music and martial arts. Or, we can say sound and movement. While driving recently I was listening to a recording of Andre Bocelli. I got thinking about sound. What is it about Bocelli’s voice which is so wonderful yet different from say, Peter Gariel? Why does Andrea Motis blend so well with the horn sounds of Joan Chamorro? What is it about sound? Then I thought about tuning. Yeah, that’s it! The correctness of frequencies against each other as they blend to create a timbre of overtones. This reminded me of the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue and how they are blended to make up all other colors. It’s the same for fundamental frequencies of musical notes. Each contain the elements of harmonics and dissonance which make up the colors of tone. How well do we perceive this phenomenon in the world around us? I thought of martial arts and how we work to “tune” human movement for efficiency and effectiveness. How well do we understand musical scales and chords, or jumping, landing, twisting? Why doesn’t the average person learn about a 5/9 incomplete chord and harmonic series, or proper breathing, heart rate response, muscular balance? No, instead we are presented daily with moronic [isms] of celebrity, power, politics, greed. Education is valued but discretionary thinking is discouraged. Intelligence is worshiped and clarity is forsaken. Power is sought yet truth and service are neglected. While all around there is beautiful light and glorious sound!

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