The proof is in the “Screw”

The proof is in the “Screw”. (I could make a joke, but I don’t have to. I know you already thought it! LOL.) Here are two screws removed from different pianos. The larger one is nearly 100 years old, the other recently removed from a modern Asian built piano. They tell a tale of what has changed in our world. The old screw is made of great American steel, the other from cheap Taiwanese metal. The different is incomparable. The old one was removed after having done its task for over 100 years without failure or fatigue. The other had failed in application in a short period of time. The old American screw is made from steel forged from American ore by American tradesmen. It is the quality which won two world wars and built industry which shaped our great country. The other, well, I don’t know what it is other than cheap. It’s what remains after America gave away It’s industry. We need to get it back, for security, quality of life, and prosperity. Let’s make screws great again!

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